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Elixir @ Hunter Skin Cancer Clinic is a purpose-built skin cancer clinic, committed to providing skin cancer check-ups and skin cancer treatment with quality, efficiency and affordability.

We are an ultra-modern clinic with elite diagnostic and treatment technology in our consulting and treatment rooms. We provide full skin cancer checks using the latest mole screening technology to accurately scan and diagnose skin cancers, spots and lesions.

Our goals are:
● Improve access to skin checks and skin cancer management for all.
● Provide a comprehensive approach to looking after your skin health and provide the highest standard of care to treat skin cancers.
● Saving lives by performing quality skin checks and diagnosing and treating skin cancers at an early stage.
● Provide vital skincare to communities with limited access
● Our qualified team specialises in skin cancer diagnosis and management, and our qualified and skilled doctors are supported by a highly efficient team of nurses and administration staff. Our dedicated team has a passion for making a difference in your lives.
Anti-ageing Treatment Newcastle
In addition to skin cancer check-ups and management, we provide cosmetic consultation and cosmetic treatment focused to improve the signs of skin ageing. The anti-ageing management plan is different for everybody depending on the individual’s sun damage, genetics, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation marks and other skin changes.

Every patient is important, and we welcome patients of all ages to book a cosmetic consultation to discuss how we can improve the signs of skin ageing. We provide cosmetic consultation to thoroughly assess your concerns and provide you with a management plan focused on your concerns and focused on the realistic improvement of your skin. We provide skin repair and rejuvenation with the same passion and credibility as skin cancer management. We will ensure that you get a personalised approach to your treatment so that you can get your desired results.

In addition, we also provide skincare and solutions for general dermatology conditions like acne, rosacea, sun-damaged skin, scarring, age related changes, warts, and cosmetic skin concerns like removal of moles, age spots, and benign skin lesions.

If you are looking for skin cancer check-ups and treatment or cosmetic consultation and treatment in the Maitland area, please book a consultation with one of our doctors.
Why choose Elixir Hunter Skin Cancer Clinic?
● Qualified and skilled doctors - The doctors in our clinic are qualified and skilled for skin cancer management, and are passionate about early diagnosis and early management of skin cancers, and about anti-ageing medicine to keep the skin looking young and healthy.
● Quality service and care - Our standard appointments for skin check-ups are for 20 minutes, and we provide enough time to do a thorough full body skin cancer check-ups, discuss all your concerns and create a management plan.
● Professional skin checks with high quality equipment - we use the latest and high quality equipments to check all the skin lesions, and we can take digital photos of these magnified lesions to monitor them if needed
● Non surgical treatment available - We have the facilities to treat precancerous skin lesions with non surgical methods including cryotherapy, use of topical creams, and by use of ablative laser depending on the type, size, depth and location of these lesions.
● Surgical treatment available - We have purpose built operating rooms with all the facilities to do skin cancer surgeries under local anaesthesia, including skin grafts and skin flap repairs.
● No referral required - No referral required to consult our doctors, but if you have a referral from your GP, please bring it along at the time of your appointment and we can then write a report about your examination and management plan to your GP.

Contact Details

  • Phone: 02 4067 4119
  • Email: reception@elixirhunter.com.au
  • Location: 215 High Street, Maitland NSW 2320
  • Website: https://elixirhunter.com.au/

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