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Current Survey - MBC Member Networking Meetings

Maitland Business Chamber Members and Networking Event Visitors:

We would appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feedback about our monthly Member Networking Meetings. Please complete this short 12 question survey. All responses are anonymous and no login is required.

Thank you.


1. What is your biggest benefit of being a member of MBC? If you are not a member, what is your main reason for not joining?

2. What made you join MBC in the first place?

3. Select what you enjoy

4. Would you prefer

5. Do you prefer

6. Do you have a preferred venue that you have attended a meeting at and why?

7. Do you believe enough networking time is included in meetings? How could we improve networking within the chamber members?

8. Have you visited the new website before (launched March 2021)?

9. If you are looking for a local supplier, do you consult the MBC website Member Directory or look for other chamber members first?

10. What is one thing you would like to see the Executive Committee do or advocate for?

11. Our Vision is: To strengthen the point of contact between business, the community, and the local environment, reinforcing each side of this triangle and forging lasting commercial partnerships which benefit all. Out of 10, do you think we achieve this? How could we improve?

12. Ideas or general feedback?