A Night in “Maitland” to Remember!

Categories: Chamber Events, Featured, Previous EventsPublished On: June 26th, 20245 min read

On the evening of Friday, June 21st, the Maitland Town Hall and Council building glowed with the signature colours of the Maitland Business Chamber, marking a special occasion: the 75th Anniversary of Incorporation Gala. Guests were greeted by a luminous “75” at the entrance, setting the stage for a memorable celebration.


More than 150 members from the Maitland business community were warmly welcomed by elegantly attired “Champagne ladies,” whose skirts sparkled with champagne flutes, creating a striking scene in front of the illuminated MBC letters. The foyer leading to the Town Hall auditorium exuded an atmosphere of anticipation, heralding a night dedicated to honouring the rich history and resilience of business in Maitland.


2024 not only commemorates 75 years since the incorporation of the Maitland Business Chamber but also marks 118 years since its inception. Beyond celebrating these milestones, the event paid tribute to the myriads of businesses that have significantly contributed to Maitland’s economic growth and industrial landscape over the past century and a half.


Throughout the evening, the walls of the auditorium came alive with a captivating display of images and stories spanning the past 100 years from the Maitland Mercury, offering a poignant visual journey through the history of the MBC.


Master of Ceremonies Matthew Tranter, from Tranter Lawyers, engaged past MBC Presidents (Pennie Kearney, Craig McGregor, Judy Brown & Shane Hamilton) in reflective discussions about the highlights of their tenure on the committee, reminding attendees of the chamber’s enduring commitment to Maitland over the past 118 years.


Inside the Maitland Town Hall auditorium, Sprout Catering served a sumptuous meal, complemented by an infectious party vibe courtesy of the dynamic band Felix Quinn, which had guests on their feet and dancing throughout the night.


Special thanks to Magnetic Shots for capturing the night so beautifully with their photographs and videos.


The Executive Committee of the Maitland Business Chamber extends its heartfelt thanks to the Maitland business community for their overwhelming support and participation in celebrating this significant anniversary with us.


Maitland Business Chamber President, Michael Maffey said: “The event was a huge success as the Gala celebrated both current and past businesses in Maitland. The business community has shown it has been both resilient and robust over many years, which was reflected in the numerous businesses that attended the event that have been in existence for many generations. The Maitland Business Chamber wishes to thank everyone who attended the anniversary gala.”


As echoed throughout the evening, there is no better place to do business than Maitland, and the MBC proudly remains “the voice of business in Maitland.”